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Wisconsin State Superintendent Offers Veiled Threat to Opponents of Common Core

Karen professional photoSubmission by Karen Schroeder of Advocates for Academic Freedom

The state of Wisconsin has held three out of four public hearings on Common Core Standards. State Superintendent Tony Evers must be feeling the heat because he offered legislators a veiled threat that any rejection of Common Core Standards may be taken to the Supreme Court. This threat outrages citizens across the state who are trying to protect their right to exercise local control of schools.

Kim Simac, Wisconsin State Director for Concerned Women for America, Chairperson for Northwoods Patriots, and one of the major community organizers in northern Wisconsin, stated, “Superintendent Evers’ threat to jump directly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court should any legislation or decision be made to opt out of CCSS exposes his lack of confidence in the standards themselves. Those supporters of CCSS should have an arsenal of evidence that proves excellence and superiority in the product. Obviously they do not.”

Wisconsinites opposed to Common Core will not allow Superintendent Evers to blame conservative legislators for the tax dollars to be wasted on any legal action intended to undermine Wisconsin’s statute regarding local control of schools or intended to render irrelevant the concerns expressed by citizens. Sondra Maanum, Chair of the Barron County Republican Party, explained that “our legislators were elected to defend and protect the state constitution and our state laws. If Tony Evers thinks he is going to use our tax dollars to fight us, he better be well prepared for the consequences.”

Superintendent Evers is apparently realizing that his claim that it would take years to write and implement alternative standards has been effectively refuted by experts who have been testifying against Common Core. Alan Scholl, Executive Director and Vice President of American Opinion Foundation, invited citizens and organizations like Advocates for Academic Freedom to bring Dr. Sandra Stotsky and James Milgram among others to testify. Both were members of the Common Core Validation Committee and both refused to sign off on the standards that they believed would not adequately prepare students for college.

“Evers’ threat is predicated on the platform of using the federal government, through the Supreme Court, to force upon a state and its people, a federal mandate in education. This is as totalitarian a prospect as any yet suggested,” stated Mr. Scholl. Scholl, Maanum, and Simac represent many Wisconsinites who believe that the veiled threat made by Superintendent Evers is a blatant abuse of federal power by a state official. Scholl explained that using federal power to force a curriculum that is formulated and shaped precisely to any forced standard leading to dictated outcomes is an intolerable challenge to individual liberty and the sovereignty of states.

It is essential that those who oppose Common Core be willing to provide solutions, to promote funding for those solutions, and to support legislators who are willing to represent what is best for the children of Wisconsin. The solutions most often recommended by citizens include immediate implementation of the standards used in Massachusetts before they adopted Common Core. Massachusetts students had excelled in math, science, English, and reading for years before they adopted Common Core Standards.

“Grassroots will be certain to work hard for legislators who recognize the perilous path Common Core Standards present” promised Kim Simac. “I know I will be spending my efforts engaging hard-working activists who will pound the doors and give 100% for legislators who will stand up to support Wisconsin state rights.”

As President of Advocates for Academic Freedom, I have traveled the state discussing Common Core, our focus has been upon solutions and funding for those solutions. Without exception, my audiences have expressed a willingness to support spending some of our state surplus to purchase math text books that are not aligned with Common Core, sets of grammar books for each English classroom, and reading materials that focus upon decoding skills. These audiences are insulted and angered by the thought of using their tax dollars and the legal system to circumvent local control of schools and to silence the public.

According to Sondra Maanum, “Wisconsinites hope Governor Walker and the legislature will put in place some oversight to prevent the DPI from circumventing local control of schools in the future.”

Wisconsinites are defending their right to control local schools. They have witnessed the challenging fight to prevent federal overreach when a powerful state department of education intervenes. Citizens do not want precedence established that would undermine state statutes which guarantee local control of schools.

Superintendent Evers is abusing his power and ignoring state statutes.

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AAETeachers 10/28/2013 Federal Update

The Association of American Educators publishes an update on what is happening in Washington, D.C.

Inside you will find the following:

House Education and Workforce Committee Passes Bill Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators

NCLB waivers to Texas and Puerto Rico.

Race to the Top Update

Department of Education Celebrates Connected Educator Month

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When Al Jazeera Comes Calling

So, yesterday, I get two odd emails from none other than Al Jazeera America. It occurred to me that you might find one of them interesting, but I figured I would help you with your viewing pleasure and add a little humor. Without further delay, I give you Al Jazeera America’s interview request [with what it really should say].

Hi Andrew,

I’m a producer [head propagandist] for the new Al Jazeera America show The Stream, modeled after the award-winning [LOL! they give us awards for our America hating propaganda] international show of the same name.  We’re a live, interactive current affairs program hosted by veteran journalist [terrorist mouthpiece] Lisa Fletcher, formerly of ABC News. This social media-driven show airs live M-F at 7:30pm EST to over 50 million U.S households [of which only three households actually watch, they include President Obama (unless he is golfing) and children, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry]. 

Our discussion program this evening will focus on the Common Core standards. We would love to hear from a parent/teacher on this issue, and your organization is an important voice that we need to include in the discussion [we are desperately hoping someone will actually talk to us]. Please let me know if you have someone available and we can further discuss the details. The interview can be done remotely via skype or google hangout – so hopefully that makes things easier!

Please let me know if you have a any questions or concerns [aside from the fact that we are funded by and for people that hate America], I would be happy to discuss this further anytime -  My direct line is 202 496 4680.

Many thanks for your time and consideration, 


Here is some additional information on our program:


The Stream is a daily show on the new channel Al Jazeera America, focusing on stories that are current, ongoing and sourced from social media. The Stream is an aggregator of online sources and discussion, seeking out unheard voices, new perspectives from people on the ground and untold angles related to the most compelling stories of the day. We also share the platform with artists, celebrities and intellectuals who are an integral part of the social media community. It is broadcast from Washington, D.C. Monday-Friday at 7:30pm EST and hosted by veteran journalist Lisa Fletcher.

The Stream is uniquely formatted to allow viewers to interact with Fletcher and her guests during the program via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Hangouts and Skype. The show’s social media team and second screen technology enables viewers to engage 24-hours-a-day with new content, comments, user-generated videos and a variety of posts. Fletcher, a former ABC News correspondent and investigative reporter, has won the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards and numerous Emmy Awards.

Recently named Outstanding Talk Show in the news category by the Gracie Awards, the Al Jazeera English version of The Stream has also received the 2012 Royal Television Society’s award for Most Innovative Programme of the Year and the 2012 Webby’s People’s Choice Award for News and Politics. The Stream also received a 2012 U.S Emmy nomination for New Approach to News and Documentary Programming.  

The Stream on Twitter

The Stream on Facebook

Find Al Jazeera America on your TV

Many thanks,

Gee, while this sounds like such a great waste of my time, I think I’ll respectfully decline! Let me rephrase that, take your terrorist-loving propaganda network and your America hating sell-out journalist and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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We Need You!

Photo by mrpuen from

Photo by mrpuen from

If you look on our About page, you will find this statement, “Conservative Teachers of America is a place for conservatives, both teachers and concerned citizens, to speak out on education related issues.”

We are always looking for new content!

So, on that note, WE NEED YOU! If you are a conservative parent, teacher, school board member, or just a concerned citizen, and you have something to say with regards to education please contact our editor, Andrew Palmer, at [email protected] We are especially looking for pieces from teachers on great classroom practices, and we would love to have some people that want to help with our book reviews.


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