Part 3 of 5 Video Series: Stop the Common Core State Standards!

The American Principles Project, Concerned Women for America of Georgia and have prepared a five part youtube series about the Common Core State Standards.  Attorney Jane Robbins provides historical information about the standards, how they are not “state led” and how they will lead to a nationalized curriculum.

Please share these videos far and wide.


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  • Kathleen Lichtenauer

    My son saw Glenn Beck and discovered his elementary school children are learning c.c.math. They are in a Lutheran school,Wisconsin Synod.his wife is certified as a teacher
    , volunteers to help students having a need for additional help with subjects.She thinks they are using the reading program also.
    They are starting to contact others with similar concerns.
    This is just to let you know how it is spreading.

    • Kathleen Lichtenauer

      Also asked them to fill out form with personal information. They refused and the school did it for them.