Part 4 of 5 Video Series: Stop the Common Core State Standards!

The American Principles Project, Concerned Women for America of Georgia and have prepared a five part youtube series about the Common Core State Standards.  Attorney Jane Robbins provides historical information about the standards, how they are not “state led” and how they will lead to a nationalized curriculum.

Please share these videos far and wide.


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  • Sam Weaver

    WOW! PRAISE GOD FOR YOU!! I am with you ALL the way! Please see, for exmple, &

  • Amy Burchfield

    As an educator, I do not agree with common core standards or most standards in public education that have failed. To hold teachers accountable, administrators, principals, and others need to be more involved in the classroom to see what is being taught and how. To improve education in our state and country, we need to look outside our own failing system to see what others are doing. Education should be a privilege. Not all children pass. Not all children need to be in the regular classroom. Those who do not do their work should not be promoted and the burden to make them successful should not be put on the teachers. For the reasons, I choose to teach in a private system.