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Longtime investigative reporter and current Fox News host, John Stossel, has a great website that teachers should be aware of. It is called, Stossel in the Classroom and offers materials for teachers that have been put together by the Center for Independent Thought.

Teachers can order one free DVD from the website every year. The current DVD for 2014 is available. For a direct link please click here. The DVD contains many of Stossel’s reports and classroom resources for lesson planning. According to Stossel’s site, there are 150,000+ teachers who have ordered a DVD. To me, that’s incredibly encouraging.

In addition to the DVDs, there are numerous videos on the site on various topics. Each video comes with a few discussion questions. According to the website there are new videos added every month.

Another neat feature of the site is the Standards Alignment Tool. You can search and find videos that match your state’s standards. And yes, the videos are correlated to the Common Core Standards in some cases. I think this is good. The reality is that teachers in the trenches are still being asked to teach the standards. It’s nice to see some materials from a source such as Stossel that could be brought into the classroom and tied directly to the Common Core.

You might also want to check out Stossel’s most recent release, The Power of Markets. This “is an 80-minute DVD that includes 16 video clips (2-8 minutes each) from John Stossel’s most recent shows. The clips focus on microeconomic concepts. The entire set compares and contrasts resource allocation based on market decisions with the actual effects of regulation and limitations to market decisions. While much regulation and market interference might be made with good intentions, the actual outcomes should be used to determine the merits of that regulation. This DVD program will enhance your coverage of basic concepts and empower your students to think more critically.” The DVD is available for $19.95.

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Fox News: Feds Using K-12 to Illegally Access Personal Data – Interview with Emmett McGroarty, American Principles Project

H/T to What Is Common Core?

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Teachers Speak Out On the Glenn Beck Program

Glenn Beck has to be one of the most unique conservative commentators in America. Unlike many of the others, he uses the power of his microphone to cause change, instead of just talking about issues. Today he gave teachers the ability to speak out. In case you missed this you can swing over to the Daily Beck and check it out.

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