Videos: Meet Some Educational Freedom Fighters via @212Christel

H/T to Christel Swasey of Common Core: Education Without Representation

Remember, according to the Common Core cabal, these people don’t exist and all educational experts agree that Common Core will turn water to wine. You’re a big dumb, dummy if you don’t agree with them.

The links next to their names are often set to a specific point in the video. We have posted the videos in their entirety.

Christopher Tienken – Professor at Seton Hall, NJ –

Jane Robbins – American Principles Project – Stop Common Core video series:

Jamie Gass – Pioneer Institute – has been speaking about Common Core for many years; knows why Massachusetts had the best standards in the nation prior to Common Core.

Senator Kurt Bahr – Missouri legislator fighting Common Core

Senator William Ligon – Georgia legislator fighting Common Core

Senator Scott Schneider – Indiana legislator fighting Common Core

Dr. Bill Evers – Hoover Institute – Stanford University –

Robert Scott – Texas commissioner of education – rejected Common Core:

Diane Ravitch – liberal education analyst who just recently came out against Common Core

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who served on the Common Core validation committee and refused to sign off on their adequacy:  see min. 55:30

Ze’ev Wurman, math analyst

Heather Crossin – Indiana mother fighting Common Core

Utah moms  Alisa Ellis and Renee Braddy –

Jim Stergios – Pioneer Institute – see minute 30:00

Jenni White – Oklahoma data collection expert – and

Susan Ohanian – education analyst

Dr. William Mathis of University of Colorado

Seattle Teachers who boycotted Garfield High School standardized testing.

Gary Thompson, clinical psychologist
Emmett McGroarty, American Principles Project

David Cox, teacher

Paul Bogush, teacher

Sherena Arrington, political analyst

Walt Chappell, Kansas Board of Education

Bob Shaeffer, Colorado Principal /Former Congressman


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  • B B

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  • Lorrie Zimmer

    Thank you all so much! I am one Grandma who cheers for all of you; and prays you on in your battle.


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  • Glenn Hefley

    The level in which people will got to propagate these blatant falsehoods is eye-opening.

    All that aside, Julie Williams should have known better. She’s a member of the District Board of Education. She should know what the AP programs are, and the Common Core by heart. Honestly, what else does she have to do? Instead she is one of those people that loves a scandal, and wants to be part of it..well she got her wish. National attention — and she still hasn’t bothered to read the AP manuel. I hope they do have this committee now, and someone takes a picture of her face when they read the first page of instructions.

    But, now the are going to have other worries, very soon.

    State Constitutions are not meant to be ignored whenever you want to ignore them.